Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture

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Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture created by and distributed by New American Dream

This booklet was written and published by New American Dream. We help Americans consume wisely for a better world. In a society often fixated on "more" we focus on more of what matters---a cleaner environment, a higher quality of life, and a greater commitment to justice. A key part of that focus is helping parents ad caregivers raise healthy, happy children ---children with strong values, a sense of community, and meaningful connections to the natural world. Visit us online at to learn more about our programs and see the back page for an offer to receive support our work.


Support the New American Dream and you can receive an award-winning book on responsible parenting by our founder and former president, Betsy Taylor. Donate $25 or more and we'll send you a copy of What Kids Really Want That Money Can't Buy, a "More Fun, Less Stuff" bumper sticker, and four issues of our quarterly newsletter, In Balance.