Living in the Shadow of the Cross: Understanding and Resisting the Power and Priviledge of Christian Hegemony

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In most people's vocabularies, the word Christian is synonymous with good, However the actual story is much more complex. Over the last two millennia, ruling elites have used Christian institutions and values to control those less privileged throughout the world. the doctrine of Christianity has been interpreted to justify the killing of millions, and its leaders have used their faith to sanction participation in colonialism, slavery and genocide.

By pulling back the curtain of dominant Western Christianity's benign reputation to examine its contribution to our social problems, author Paul Kivel reveals the ongoing, everyday impact of Christian power and privilege on our beliefs, behaviors and public policy. At the same time, Loving in the Shadow of the Cross acknowledges the long and honorable tradition of Christians who work for social justice, and emphasizes the potential for people to come together to resist domination and build and sustain communities of justice and peace.