Guaranteed Annual Income: The Moral Issues

Guaranteed Annual Income: The Moral Issues

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  Economists agree that it is possible. Both conservative and political thinkers support it. But the point of decision remains: Is guaranteed annual income ethical?

  Should a person receive when he hasn't earned? On the other hand, how can the United States best free 30 million citizens trapped in inescapable poverty?

  In the barrage of opinion and controversy, the author sheds needed light on this central issue as he examines ethical arguments for and against guaranteed annual income and its possible effects if adopted.

  He further spotlights the issues raised by each of the proposed methods - Basic economic security, negative income tax, social dividend, family allowance, guaranteed opportunity to earn an income, guaranteed income without money, categorical assistance, and guaranteed annual wage.

  "The issue before us is now a rather simple one.  Should we or should we not guarantee the basic material condition of human life as a social right of every man?"