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Freedom Underground by Carl Rising-More and Becky Oberg

Protesting the Iraq War in America

In the United States, the Iraq war has become an incredibly divisive and destructive issue. Many citizens, even former American veterans, support our troops, but strongly oppose the actions of the U.S government. The Bush administration's failure to provide evidence of weapons of mass destruction, their failure to support claims of a rogue nuclear program, their inability to provide links between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's government, their unilateral military action in the face of opposition from the United Nations, and their massive miscalculations regarding manpower and the reaction of the Iraqi people have led to a international policy disaster of epic proportions

FREEDOM UNDERGROUND highlights these issues, but also brings a new issue to light. The Iraqi war has become divisive not only in the political arena, but with current soldiers, serving in the Armed Forces. Statistics show that eleven soldiers and three Marines have killed themselves in the past seven months in Iraq. The GI Rights Hotline received nearly 29,000 calls in 2003 from soldiers trying to leave their posts.

A former Vietnam veteran, Carl Rising-Moore is one of the most controversial antiwar activists in North America. In Freedom Underground, he illustrates with immense compassion the high price our brave young men and women are paying for this war. Moore and co-author Becky Oberg take you behind the scenes, explaining why he has helped suicidal young soldiers cross this nation's boarders to safety.