Capitalist Punishment

Capitalist Punishment

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Capitalist Punishment - Prison privatization & human rights

edited by Andrew Coyle, Allison Campbell, & Rodney Neufeld

Prison privatization is a rapidly increasing phenomenon in many Western countries as governments seek to manage burgeoning prison populations within the constraints of a neo-liberal political agenda. But how is public well being served when prisons are run for profit? Bringing together a group of the most accomplished writers and activists on human rights and prison priva-tization, Capitalist Punishment: Prison Privatization & Human Rights discusses privatization within its historical and ideological context, and in relation to international standard minimum rules developed by the United Nations in relation to prison management.

Capitalist Punishment examines the adverse effects of private prisons on inmates related to physical and sexual abuse, health care, education, training, and rehabilitation, as corporations seek to maximize profits. It describes the impact on prison staff, from whose salaries corporate profits are wrung, of further cost cutting in the design of facilities and allocation of personnel. Special attention is paid to the effect on vulnerable groups such as women, children, and disproportionately incarcerated minority and indigenous communities.

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